About Artwist.me

[(Scandinavian) PS. SKANDINAVISK versjon av denne informasjonen finner du lenke til nederst på denne siden. ]

TTTE collaborates with the Artwist.me project for the following reasons

  • Content management training & Content strategy/planning assistance
  • Web site management assistance and outsourcing of Web Administration.
  • Modern Marketing methods and insights, including social media strategy development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Convenient access to community with professional discussion partners and updated information and documentation related to the current content management focus on the features and functionality that is already in use here at TTTE. Plus help to identify new useful features and develop TTTE further.
  • Participation in content management discussions focused specifically towards "artwist" type web sites and needs.
  • Contribute to building a resourceful international Artwist community where we all help each other and find useful recources.
  • Networking and marketing effects from the contacts made in the Artwist.biz forums.

About Artwist.me

  • Artwist.me is operated by Nordix.z21.biz (see below).
  • Artwist.me offers professional community for discussing, planning, developing and learning modern Content Management, in order to help develop web sites like THIS one (TTTE).
  • artWist is a word play that combines "artist" and "(with a...) twist" into something that can be associated with creativity for people who are not only traditional artists, but still "artists" in the broader sense of the term, where they communicate professionally in various ways. Masterful elegance (and its presentation/form) can often be referred to as "like a real artist", even if it is not just about traditional art. Hence, "with a twist". Our main focus is on helping people present and communicate and collaborate about their message(s) with modern Content Management tools, and technically speaking that involves many of the same features and functions regardless of if your main content is of graphic nature or not. So we think that we can cater for these variants within the same community, so that many more people can help each other and contribute to keeping solutions and documentation and tips up to date and freely available for anyone.

(Which) "Art(w)ists"?

  • Creative visual artists:
    painters, photographers, etc. (creative work that can benefit from web and/or mobile/small-screen presentation, both in 2D and 3D and live video format)
  • Creative information artwists:
    "masters with the - eh - pen? Typewriter? Keyboard? Voice/Podcast-recorder?... whatever. Creative publishing of INFORMATION (text, audio, video, screencasts, images, etc.) to a growing network of individuals, groups, niches, etc.
    For example: Authors, Writers, Journalists, Politicians, Bloggers, Academics, Researchers, etc. CREATIVITY does not necessarily reflect fiction, but rather the WAY the information can be presented, WHERE and HOW (also cost wise: smart ways to make the information distribute itself "for free", to limit or even totally eliminate traditional marketing costs).

Free exchange:

Artwists can choose their own preferred path, both according to competence priorities, short/long term perspectives, collaboration/contribution efforts and budget.

The following variants exist:

1) (You may) Contribute to one or more tasks on our outstanding task list and earn yourself a free membership,
2) Learn from our resource library and our user forum support at no extra cost beoynd either your contributions (your time and skills) or your standard paid membership,
3) Contribute extra to get special attention and assistance,
4) Pay for professional consulting / web development if you are in a hurry or consider that your preferred path, or
5) Any combination of these.

We all build each own reputation here, and money is not the only (or even preferred?) way of "getting there". Hopefully this will let anyone get a chance to find the same quality assistance, regardless of budget.


1) Professional attitude and mutual respect for all
2) Adherence to the principle of fair exchange: Your contributions can be either professional assistance, serious suggestions and contributions to the discussions about our listed challenges and tasks, or payment for others' time if you are either unwilling or (temporarily?) unable to contribute otherwise. Payment is seen as a completely valid way of saving time, for example.
3) Contributions are collaboratively "moderated" (quality controlled) before it is officially approved. The contributions are available the whole time even before approval, but credit and user points is not granted until approval.

For more information, examples and contact information regarding the Artwist services, see contact forms on the web sites linked below here.


  • Artwist.me
    (international English forums and work groups, both free resources and paid assistance and/or consulting)
  • Nordix.z21.biz
    (Skandinavisk-språklig) (PS. Nordix.z21.biz contains (mostly) Scandinavian language, with some English information including contact information and contact form for international English. Notice that you can get in touch with the same staff also through Artwist.me, either in the forums there or through its contact form.)
  • Nordix.z21.biz/artwist
    (skandinavisk versjon av informasjonen på denne siden)

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