Web Content Management

This web site ("TTTE") is built and managed using an open source (Wikipedia:OpenSource) Content Management System (CMS) (Wikipedia:CMS).

TTTE is established, hosted and managed with assistance from Nordix.z21.biz , the operator of Artwist.me.
Nordix.z21.biz offers Content Management and Web Administration services targeted at Scandinavian audiences.

Such modern Content Management solutions include:

  • post and edit from mobile phones (direct internet connection and/or via SMS/MMS). Take a picture with your mobile and post it directly to the web site. No need for a computer or technical knowledge or assistance.
  • Manage your web site content without technical knowledge or assistance. And without needing or using HTML. Things are simply logical now.
  • image galleries and slideshows
  • Multimedia streaming: video, audio/music/podcasts.
  • Easily managed and customiseable Menus, Navigation and Categorisation with automatic, dynamic galleries / slideshows from categories / groups of categories
  • Community features: quality control, moderation, publishing workflow, social media integration.
  • Webservice integration and standards support; OpenID/ oAuth: SSO (Single-Sign-On)
  • Revisions: when saving new changes, the current/previous version is archived. Easy "difference views" to compare what has changed since any previous version of the same content.
  • web shop and payment handling, including Paypal and other such services that LETS site owners AVOID having to store sensitive data such as credit card information and the like.
  • Multiple user accounts with practical roles-based access control.
  • Administration permissions delegation: Give other administrators and helpers just the access they need and not more. Roles-based user access let separate professionals work together on the web site without needing full administrative access to do their work.
  • Automation: Content Mangement automation, Workflow process automation, etc.
  • Practical, logical and convenient web site security.


  • Nordix.z21.biz (the Developer/Technical contact for TTTE)
  • Artwist.me (a resource and community site for further learning about these tools, hosted and managed by Nordix.z21.biz)